Coed rush sale, frat boys buy sorority pledges for a private hazing sex show


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When many of these young ladies enter into the sorority life they expect some sort of hazing to be part of the deal but at some sororities they really do take it to the extreme and its like they can treat the pledges however they feel like almost as if they were their personal slaves.

Often told they are worthless and insulted and humiliated often sexually degraded and forced into unpleasant situations its really amazing that so many girls are still prepared to go through with it and even want to be a part of a sorority.

This video is a perfect example of that and the rush pledges at this university are literally sold of to a bunch of horny frat boys for their pwn pleasure just like sexual slaves and the new freshmen pledges have no say in the matter.

Stripped of both their clothes and dignity they are sold to the highest bidder and made to put on an amazing lesbian sex and masturbation show for the guys.  The whole thing is video taped by one of the big sisters and their embarrassment is plain to see.

Still the girls do put on an amazing show fucking each other with a double sided dildo and making each other cum all in a desperate attempt to become one of the girls and enter into the sorority sisterhood.  Another incredible update from haze her

university girls flashing their boobs during hazing ritual

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