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Here is a picture gallery taken from the site schoolgirl internal which as you might guess is all about sexy schoolgirls fucking and getting a load of sperm dumped inside their tight snatches.  This particular video stars Sophia Sutra is who a drop dead gorgeous sorority slut and starts with her out in the park doing some studying but she is not the sharpest tool in the shed and is having a little trouble.

Lucky for her a nice guy comes along and offers to help her with her studies but how on earth will she be able to repay him?  Luckily she has the sorority house to herself today and invites him home for some extra lessons.  Poor Sophia is a little hot and bothered in the company of such a nice guy and before she knows it she is on her knees with his erect cock in her mouth!  This dirty schoolgirl wants more though and agrees to let him fuck her as long as her promises not to cum inside her pussy

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Obviously the feeling of that tight teen love hole is a little to much for him though and instead of pulling out he dumps a load of cum directly into her, leaving her with a gooey creampie running down her thigh.  She is so shocked, I mean she is not even on birth control!  Lol this guy does a runner and takes off out of their real quick leaving her to clean up the mess and the next time they met Sophia has a little surprise for him in the shape of a newborn baby!


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University students play a game of striptease beer pong at a wild college sex party

Beer Pong is always a fun time, especially when done with ass and titties in the mix. This weeks submission winners gave us just that, They modified their game of pong and made it just that much more fun to watch and play. The object of the game was not to drink a beer when the ball made it into the cup but instead the losing team had to either flash some skin or suck a tit and or cock. And there was plenty of that going around to make these students winners. it was boys against girls and of course the ladies lost, which is great because all of the girls at this *** frat party were smoking fucking hott! not to mention the two chicks that teamed up on a freshman in one of the bedrooms. I hope you guys enjoy this one..

Freshmen pledge streaks naked in the dorm and gives a blowjob to frat boy shes never met before


This is a clip from the college rules site that I am a member of.  It’s not a website that specifically focuses on hazing but does contain some really amazing videos submitted from dorm rooms across the country that shows some of the crazy antics that goes in in sororities and frat houses.

This specific video does contain some real footage of a few sorority girls going through their initiation into the sorority which shows one blonde slut getting fucked by one of the frat boys and another blonde freshman who is convinced to strip naked and do a nudie streak through the hall of the dorm.

As if that wasn’t enough the women behind the video camera explains to her that she has to give a blowjob to a random stranger.  How humiliating for the poor girl but she does attract the attention on one lucky guy who happens to be in the right spot at the right time and the pledges is forced to stand in front of him, completely nude and vulnerable and obviously while she explains that she has to give a blowjob.

Yeah she wants to suck your dick! exclaims the girl doing the filming and you can see this guys just light up as he realises what’s ahead of him.  The group head around the corner where this sexy university slut goes to work and shows off her cock sucking skills for the camera.  Nice work and she even gets a surprise cumshot of sperm all over her pretty little face.

Sorority rush pledges get the shame fucked out of them during bizarre hazing


The girl in this video has some rush pledges that she treats like her own little pets, She starts off by say how well she has them trained and that they will do whatever she wants, they are indeed good submissive little bitches and today they are going to earn their place in the sorority.

She makes them take off their tops and jump up and down to watch as their tits jiggle just for laughs.  At one point she even lowers her panties and forces the rush pledges to kiss her ass cheeks simply to show them who is boss and in charge.  This is a little bit of a different hazing video than many of the others that I have seen but it does contain some great action and the great part is just how keen the sorority pledges are to do anything she says no matter how degrading or embarrassing it may be.

Things get a little bit wild once she has all the girls stripped completely naked and she takes out her trusty strap on dildo and begins to fuck the shame out of the new girls, you can almost see the fear and hesitation in the poor young college ladies but once that pussy juice gets flowing they really start to enjoy it all even cry out “yes, fuck me harder please sister”

Coed rush sale, frat boys buy sorority pledges for a private hazing sex show


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When many of these young ladies enter into the sorority life they expect some sort of hazing to be part of the deal but at some sororities they really do take it to the extreme and its like they can treat the pledges however they feel like almost as if they were their personal slaves.

Often told they are worthless and insulted and humiliated often sexually degraded and forced into unpleasant situations its really amazing that so many girls are still prepared to go through with it and even want to be a part of a sorority.

This video is a perfect example of that and the rush pledges at this university are literally sold of to a bunch of horny frat boys for their pwn pleasure just like sexual slaves and the new freshmen pledges have no say in the matter.

Stripped of both their clothes and dignity they are sold to the highest bidder and made to put on an amazing lesbian sex and masturbation show for the guys.  The whole thing is video taped by one of the big sisters and their embarrassment is plain to see.

Still the girls do put on an amazing show fucking each other with a double sided dildo and making each other cum all in a desperate attempt to become one of the girls and enter into the sorority sisterhood.  Another incredible update from haze her

university girls flashing their boobs during hazing ritual

sorority pledges clean the dorm house in the nude and put on a lesbian sex show


It was a wild party night for the girls of ******* sorority house and the house is now a complete mess but who can be bothered cleaning up when you have a raging hangover.  Its then when one of the sorority sisters come up with a great idea, why not get the freshmen pledges to do the cleaning up for you.

They bring out the new girls and tell them its time to earn their place and they want to see the place spotless very soon but as an added twist decide to make the new girls clean the house in the nude.  The girls are forced on all fours and scrubbing the floor but its never enough to please their demanding sorority sisters.  One of them even takes a couple of the pledges upstairs for a shower and makes then scrub her body clean paying special attention to her tits and body!

After a time the place is starting to look reasonably clean and the older girls decide its time for some entertainment so they figure they would like to see a sexy lesbian show.  Yep the college pledges are gonna have to lick some pussy and fuck each other like the good lesbian sluts they are all for their big sisters enjoyment.

Sorority porn video with real footage of nude college girls being hazed

We got in this hazing footage from god knows where, but it was pretty creepy, and sexy at the same time. These girls are getting hazed at night on some farm or something, and the sorority sisters have dressed up in some black robes to perform their hazing rituals. They stripped all the new sorority girls down and told them why they aren’t good enough to be in their sorority, then they sent them through a feather bath and a hose down before taking them into the barn to see what they were really made of. They dared the girls to fuck some 3 foot sausages and then one of the college girls got a bit lippy and had to pay the price by eating one of the sisters pussies. The night ended with some 3 way pussy eating action. .

College life, Lesbian sex and insane hazing porn


*Video:college hazing video with freshman forced to perform sex acts


Its time for another group of rush pledges to pass the naked initiation test and show they are ready to give all for their sorority sisters, there are simply no limits as the poor pledges about to go through their sorority hazing are soon to find out.  This one is really quite hot and has a group of girls all stripped down to their bitthday suits and then made to perform naked exercises and tumbling down the hallway.

Brought back into their dorm room the girls are forced to bend over for an ass inspection while another of the pledges is told to stick her finger in the girls twats to get a more thorough inspection.  This is what college life is all about, hot and crazy sluts ready to experiment and do just about anything!  When it comes time to lick some pussy the girls don’t hesitate for a second Smile


College sorority girls amateur submitted sex video

A great submission from some midwest college girls who were in need of some fast cash and didn’t mind doing some pussy licking and dick riding to get it. Their parents would be so proud if only they could see them now. These girls were obvious winners and really kinew how to put on a show and after a few drinks in the kitchen starting behaving like drunk sluts and started a wet tshirt contest, jiggling their boobs and a few of the girls had fantastic massive tits. Well we hope you girls can buy some nice things with the money you won and keep on rocking!

college sorority girls enjoy first time lesbian sex

*Video:sorority girls first time lesbian pussy licking video


For a huge percentage of women their first lesbian experience is in college.  Its a time to explore and be free and what better place to experiment with other girls than your sorority sisters.  This naughty foursome of coeds are led by one experienced lesbian who takes turns in licking all the girls pussies.

We were so excited to get this video of real amateur college girls moaning with pleasure as their wet pussies were stimulated for the very first time by another girl.  College really does rule!

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